Inspired by the Nordic minimalist concept, we have confined ourselves to the most essential ingredients. This means that we have excluded several substances to create Pure Nordic Rituals that meet our high standards and give you the freedom to express your natural beauty.


"Inspired by the Nordic minimalistic concept, we have confined ourselves to the most essential ingredients. This means that we have excluded more than 100 substances to create 'Pure Nordic Rituals' that meet our high standards and give you the freedom to express your natural beauty."


AllergyCertified is an international brand of allergy that you should look for on your products if you suffer from skin allergies or would like to minimize the risk of developing skin allergies. It is also this brand you should look for if you are pregnant, as AllergyCertified does not allow ingredients that may have an effect on the unborn child. Therefore, you can feel safe to use these products.

Since the skin is our largest organ, it is needless to say that you should care for its health. According to Nilens Jord this is done by applying products that avoids suspected endocrine disruptors, as well as substances that can cause irritation and allergies. By using such products, you can minimized exposure of unwanted chemistry to the skin.

When choosing products with an AllergyCertified logo, you can be comfortable that a toxicologist has done a careful risk assessment of every ingredient and raw material in the product. This is to ensure that you are not exposed to an increased risk of irritation and the development of an allergic reaction. This means that the products have the least potential to cause allergies.

When Nilens Jord are choosing ingredients, it is always with the greatest care for the consumer. We therefore only use ingredients that we can vouch for.

Vegan Friendly Products

Nilens Jord is not developed for vegans and does not intend to be a vegan brand, therefore beeswax and/or other animal ingredients may appear in some of the products. All the ingredients in our assortment are to be found on the packaging. In addition you can find whether the product is fully vegan or not on the individual product in our webshop.

If you have any questions about our products, you are always welcome to contact us. We will do anything to help you.



Nilens Jord takes responsibility for reducing the impact on the environment and protecting the planet's resources, and our work on sustainability is constantly evolving. The ambition is to reduce the impact on the immediate and global environment on a daily basis. The focus is on our cosmetic products as well as our skin and hair care but also our sun range.

One of the areas that Nilens Jord especially will fight for, is the consumption of plastic in the future. For several years we have focused on reducing our consumption of packaging. The majority of our packaging from our Skin Care Line is recyclable, and on our Makeup Line we have reduced plastic consumption by 15% by replacing the packaging at our newest Mineral Foundation.

We also continuously work to reduce our carbon footprint through the development of processes throughout the organization. Thus, we strive to ensure that most raw material purchases are provided in Europe in order to minimise our carbon footprint from transport.

For the production of our carton packaging we use trees from the Swedish forests. This is partly to minimise the distance of transport and hence the amount of CO2 emissions. By using Swedish wood, Nilens Jord ensure that the environment in the exposed rainforests is not further affected.


Our Philosophy

We create beauty rituals for everyone with all kinds of skin. From morning to evening and from makeup to skincare.
We only use ingredients with a clear purpose – without parabens, without essential oils and without perfume.
We develop products that meet our own high standards, so that you and your skin can feel free.

Nilens Jord - Pure Nordic Rituals


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