Personal data policy


1. General

1.1 This Privacy Policy ("Personal Data Policy") describes how Kosmolet A/S, the company behind Nilens Jord and hereinafter referred to as ("Nilens Jord", "us", "our", "we") collects and processes information about you.

1.2 The personal data policy applies to personal data that you provide to us in connection with your contact with Nilens Jord as a customer or business partner. This could be, for example, if you buy a product from Nilens Jord, contact Nilens Jord Customer Service, or when you use Nilens Jord's website, (""), and when you are in dialogue with Nilens Jord 'head office. Nilens Jord's personal data policy is based in Denmark and is based on current Danish legislation.

1.3 Kosmolet A/S is responsible for the collection and storage of your personal data. All enquiries to Nilens Jord can be made via the contact details listed in section 7.

2. What personal data do we collect, for what purposes and the legal basis for the processing

2.1 When you visit, we automatically collect information about you and your use of This information will typically be the type of browser you use and the search terms you use on Nilens Jord's Cookie Policy also applies when you use 

2.1.1 The purpose is to optimise the user experience and Nilens Jord's function, to generate usable and accurate statistics, on the basis of the information we receive from you via your use of, to carry out personalised marketing, including retargeting via Facebook and Google, for example. This processing of data is necessary for us to safeguard our interests in improving and to bring you relevant offers.

2.1.2 The legal basis for the processing is your consent to our use of cookies and Article 6 (1) (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation, as well as our legitimate interest in improving our website and being as relevant in our marketing as possible, cf. GDPR's Article 6 (1) pt. f.

2.2 When you purchase a product or communicate with us regarding our products, we collect the information you provide. This may be name, address, email address, telephone number, method of payment, information about which products you buy and have returned, information about enquiries and complaints, delivery requests and information about the IP address from which the order was placed, if the order is placed on

2.2.1 The purpose is to be able to deliver the products you have ordered and otherwise fulfil our agreement with you, including in order to be able to administer your rights to return and complain, and to be able to contact you, if necessary, for relevant information about the product you have purchased. We may also process information about your purchases in order to comply with legal requirements, including the withdrawal of products, bookkeeping and accounting. When purchasing from, the IP address is retained for the purpose of safeguarding our interest in preventing fraud.

2.2.2 The legal basis for the processing is Art. 6 (1) b, c and f of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2.3 Once you have subscribed to our newsletter, we retain information about your name, email address and any mobile number.

2.3.1 The purpose is to safeguard our interest in being able to deliver newsletters to you.

2.3.2 The legal basis for processing is your consent to receive our newsletter and Article 6 (1) pt. a, of the General Data Protection Regulation.

2.4 When you visit one of our other locations (head office and warehouse), CCTV may be in operation. If so, a pictogram (with a picture of a camera) will be visible on the sign. The video recordings are reviewed by random sampling, concrete suspicion or other irregularities and passed on to the police if there is any suspicion of a criminal offence.

⦁ 2.4.1 The purpose of TV surveillance is to enable Nilens Jord to prevent, detect and document offences relating to both customers and staff (theft and other unlawful access), irregularities in connection with cash transactions and the like, and to provide security and security for staff (robbery, assault and disputes regarding payment).

⦁ 2.4.2 The legal basis for the processing is Article 6 (1) pt. f, of the General Data Protection Regulation, as Nilens Jord has a legitimate interest in preventing the types of crime mentioned in Section 2.5.1 at Nilens Jord 'locations.

⦁ 2.5 When you visit Nilens Jord sociale media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, Nilens Jord processes the information you have made available through settings on our social media platforms, your responses to our posts, and your sharing thereof, as well as any comments on our posts.

⦁ 2.5.1 The purpose of Nilens Jord's processing of your personal data is to market Nilens Jord, to respond to your enquiry, and/or to allow you to participate in our competitions and to contact you if you win. When Facebook Inc. uses personal data collected on Nilens Jord Facebook pages, for example to improve their advertising system, Facebook Inc. and Nilens Jord can be regarded as joint controllers. In this regard, we refer to Facebook's Data Policy ⦁ (read more here).

⦁ 2.5.2 The legal basis for this processing is Nilens Jord's legitimate interest in marketing Nilens Jord, responding to your enquiry or participating in a competition and contacting you if you win, cf. Article 6 (1) pt. f, of the General Data Protection Regulation.

2.6 If you enter into a commercial relationship with us, either as a private individual or as an employee of a company with which we work, we will retain information about your name, e-mail address, telephone number, company or private address and any other information that you provide to us in connection with our relationship and your enquiry. 

2.6.1 The purpose of this is to safeguard our cooperation and to be able to fulfil Nilens Jord's obligations in this regard. 

2.6.2 The legal basis for this processing will normally be the agreement entered into between you and/or the company you represent and Nilens Jords, cf. GDPR's Article 6 (1) pt. b. Depending on the nature of the cooperation, the legal basis may also be another, typically Nilens Jord legitimate interest in establishing and managing the relationship between you and/or the company you represent, cf. GDPR's Article 6 (1), pt. f.

3. Recipients of Personal Data

3.1 Nilens Jord cannot access your IP address, but it is left to our partner Google Analytics, who processes this to generate statistics on the use of our website. Google Analytics acts solely on behalf of Nilens Jordwhy they may not use the information for their own purposes. Nilens Jord Facebook Pixels have also implemented on to collect data for the purpose of optimizing our Facebook ads. In this context, Facebook receives information about your IP address, as well as information about your device, the websites you visit, the purchases you make, the ads you see and the way you use, about your web browser and which pages you visit. When Facebook Inc. uses personal data collected via Facebook Pixels on e.g. to improve their advertising system, Facebook Inc. and Nilens Jords can be considered joint data controllers. In this connection, we refer to Facebook's Data Policy (read more here).

3.2 In connection with the delivery of goods that you have purchased from Nilens Jord, information about your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and order number and specific delivery requests will be forwarded to GLS or another carrier responsible for the delivery of the purchased goods to you. In addition, your information may be shared with partners who assist with our business activities.

3.3 When you complete payment transactions on, this is done via Nilens Jord PCI (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) certified partner, Bambora. The information is stored in a secure PCI certified environment that meets international safety standards. When you use a payment card on, only Nilens Jord 'PCI certified partner Bambora - and not Nilens Jord - will have access to your information.

3.4 Information that Nilens Jord processes about you as part of a cooperation relationship will not be disclosed to third parties unless this is necessary for the purpose of the relationship, or it is necessary for us to be able to pursue a legitimate interest, e.g. in connection with disputes where the information can be disclosed to authorities and legal bodies.

3.5 Data may be left to external partners who process the data on our behalf. We use external partners to operate systems and improve, send newsletters, handle complaints and other customer enquiries and target marketing, including re-targeting marketing, as well as for your assessment of our company and products. These companies are data processors and subject to our instructions and process data for which we are data controllers. The data processors may not use the data for any other purpose than the fulfilment of the agreement with us, and are subject to confidentiality. We have entered into written data processing agreements with all data processors that process personal data on our behalf.

3.6 Some of these data processors, such as Google Analytics by Google LLC and Facebook Inc., are established outside the EU. The necessary guarantees for the transfer of data to data processors outside the EU are ensured by observing valid transfer guarantees.

4. Your rights

4.1 In order to create openness regarding the processing of your data, we, as the data controller, must inform you of your rights.

4.2 Right of access

4.2.1 You are entitled at any time to request information from us about information we have registered about you, the purpose of the registration, which categories of personal data and recipients of any information there may be, as well as information about where the information originates from.

4.2.2 You have the right to receive a copy of the personal data that we process about you. If you would like a copy of your personal data, please send a written request to 4) You will be asked to document that you are the person you agree to be.

4.3 Right to rectification 

4.3.1 You have the right to have incorrect personal data about you rectified by us. If you become aware that there are errors in the information that we have registered about you, you are encouraged to contact us in writing so that the information can be corrected. You will be asked to document that you are the person you purport to be.

4.4 Right to deletion

4.4.1 In certain cases, you have the right to have all or some of your personal data deleted by us, e.g. if you withdraw your consent and we have no other legal basis for continuing the processing. To the extent that continued processing of your data is necessary, e.g. in order for us to comply with our legal obligations, or for legal claims to be established, invoked or defended, we are not obliged to delete your personal data. You will be asked to document that you are the person you purport to be.

4.5 Right to restrict processing to storage  

4.5.1 In certain cases, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data to storage only, e.g. if you believe that the data we process about you is incorrect.  

4.6 Right to data portability

4.6.1 In certain cases, you have the right to obtain personal data that you have provided to us yourself in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transfer this data to another data controller.

4.7 Right to object

4.7.1 You have the right at any time to object to our processing of your personal data, with a view to direct marketing, including the profiling carried out in order to target our direct marketing, as this processing is carried out on the basis of your consent and/or our legitimate interests, cf. sections 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6. If you do not want us to use your personal data for direct marketing and profiling, you must also delete your cookies, as mentioned in section 5.1 below.

4.8 Right to withdraw consent

4.8.1 You have the right to withdraw any consent you have given us at any time for a given processing of personal data, including sending newsletters. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you must contact

4.9 Right to complain 

4.9.1 You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency about our processing of your personal data at any time. Complaints can be submitted by e-mail to or by telephone to +45 3319 3200.

5. Deletion of personal data

5.1 Information collected about your use of in accordance with section 2.1 will be deleted in accordance with the rules on Nilens Jord Cookie Policy. The cookies that Nilens Jord itself offers are deleted no later than one year after you last visited the site, while third-party cookies have varying expiry deadlines. The individual expiry deadlines are listed in Nilens Jord's Cookie Policy, where you can also read more about how you can delete your cookies at any time. 

5.2 Information collected in connection with your purchases, returns and enquiries to Nilens Jord in connection with this will, cf. Section 2.2, normally be deleted just over 5 years after your purchase in accordance with invoice requirements and accounting legislation. However, data may be stored for a longer period of time if we have a legitimate need for longer storage, e.g. if this is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

5.3 Data collected in connection with your subscription to our newsletter, cf. Section 2.3, will be deleted when your consent to the newsletter is withdrawn, unless we have another basis for processing the data.

5.4 Information that originates from CCTV surveillance, cf. Section 2.4, will be deleted automatically no later than 30 days after the recording took place, unless the information is included in the investigation of a specific case. If your data is included in the investigation of a specific case, it will be deleted when the case is concluded and the purpose of the processing is no longer present.

5.5 Information you provide on Nilens Jord profiler on social media, cf. Section 2.5, will generally remain on these profiles as part of the page's history. You can always delete your data on Nilens Jord profiles on social media whenever you want. The information that Nilens Jord retains about you as a result of your participation in competitions, and which in this connection is copied to Nilens Jord's own systems, will be deleted after 12 months.
6) Information that originates from a cooperative relationship, cf. Section 2.6, is stored for as long as it is relevant in relation to the existing or potential cooperative relationship and for a subsequent period, as long as it is necessary for Nilens Jord to be able to document the relationship. 

6. Security

6.1 We have implemented appropriate technical and organisational security measures to prevent the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration or deterioration of personal data and to prevent such data from being disclosed to unauthorised persons or misused.

6.2 Only employees who have a real need to access your personal data to perform their work have access to the information. These employees are instructed in how to handle personal data securely. 

7. Contact details

7.1 Kosmolet A/S, CBR no.: 10305403 is the data controller of the personal data collected by Nilens Jord.

7.2 If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or if you wish to exercise one or more of your rights described in section 4, please contact: Kosmolet A/S Hvedemarken 12 3520 Farum Tel. no.: +45 4495 8000 E-mail:

8. Changes to the Personal Data Policy

8.1 This Personal Data Policy is regularly updated. The current version is the one that can be found at any time on 

9. Versions

9.1 This is version 2 of Nilens Jord's personal data policy dated 1 November 2020.

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