Nilens Jord takes responsibility for reducing the impact on the environment and protecting the planet's resources, and our work on sustainability is constantly evolving. The ambition is to reduce the impact on the immediate and global environment on a daily basis. The focus is on our cosmetic products as well as our skin and hair care but also our sun range.


We only use ingredients that have a clear purpose. This means that there are over 100 ingredients that never appear in Nilens Jord products, even though they are common in the beauty industry. These include fragrances, essential oils and colorants in skincare. At the same time, we continuously reduce the number of components in our packaging and use recyclable plastic and glass. We also aim for all packaging to be separable and recyclable or reusable in refill systems, such as in our skincare.

Nilens Jord Sustainability

Nilens Jord is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and protecting the planet's resources, and our sustainability work is constantly evolving. Our ambition is to reduce our impact on both the local and global environment on a daily basis. The efforts are focused on both our cosmetic products as well as our skincare and sun care range.

Less Plastic

One of the areas that Nilens Jord focuses on is the consumption of plastic. For several years, we have focused on reducing our packaging consumption. In our Skincare line, the packaging used is recyclable, and in our makeup line, for example, we have reduced plastic consumption by 15% by replacing the packaging on our latest Mineral Foundation.

CO2 Minimization

We also continuously work to reduce our carbon footprint through the development of processes throughout the organization. Thus, we strive to ensure that most raw material purchases are provided in Europe in order to minimise our carbon footprint from transport.

For the production of our packaging we use trees from the Swedish forests to minimise the distance of transport – and also the amount of CO2 emissions. By applying Swedish wood, we try to improve the environment in the exposed rainforests so they are not further affected.
For each tree that are cut for the production of our packaging, four new seeds are planted and these eventually become new, young trees that bind relatively more carbon than the old trees. Our packaging supplier has a horizon of 100 years of planning, which will form the basis for the next 100 years of production of cardboard packaging.

When we ship products out of the house, we use environmentally friendly box filling called 'Biofill'. Biofilling is chips produced by plants that are renewed every year. Compared to synthetic packet chips, Biofill is completely biodegradable and the filling can be used several times. The material is certified which is only possible because it is produced from natural ingredients. This also means that Biofilment can be disposed by organic and ordinary domestic waste.

Return Your Packaging in Your Local Matas

The majority of the products by Nilens Jord are sold through Matas, and through their return system our customers have the opportunity to return the empty packaging for recycling.

Nilens Jord is Perfume Free

Human health and safety has always been a top priority at Nilens Jord and we are always committed to care for skin health.
We only develop skin-friendly products, all of which are perfume-free, and we work with a "Black List" on several ingredients that we do not want to have in our products – partly because several of these ingredients are suspected of being endocrine disrupting or environmentally harmful. For this reason, we have phased out the ingredient zinc oxide throughout our range (from March 2020) as the ingredient is suspected to be environmentally damaging.

Coral-friendly sun products

The sun filters used in Nilens Jord sun products are carefully selected for their minimal risk of causing allergies. We have developed a sun range that contains some of the most environmentally friendly sun filters available, so you can safely swim in the ocean with care for both your skin and the environment.

70% are AllergyCertified and more achieve an A flask.

In average, 70% (January 2020) of Nilens Jord's product range is certified with the international allergy label, AllergyCertified. This label is your guarantee as a consumer that no allergens or allergenic preservatives have been used in the products. Each ingredient in the product has been assessed by a toxicologist. Products bearing the AllergyCertified label are the consumer's point of view if you want to avoid unnecessary chemistry and want to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. The AllergyCertified brand applies to all members of the family, both adults and children.

The Consumer Council "Think Chemistry" advises on how consumers can avoid or minimise the use of special undesirable substances, such as allergenic, environmental pollutants or other substances suspected of being carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors. 

The latest update of the registered products by Nilens Jord show that 87% (January 2020) of the scanned products achieve an "A flask". This means that the products do not contain known environmental pollutants.

Heart Cases

We recognise that as a responsible company you have a number of obligations that are not limited solely to the development and production of products.

We do not tolerate Child Labour

The mineral called 'Mica' is a frequently used ingredient in makeup, and in several countries there are mines where child labour is used. Children's rights must be respected and as a socially responsible company, we obviously do not tolerate the use of child labour in the manufacture of our products. This requirement is met by all our subcontractors and by this Nilens Jord contributes to the UN World Objective 8 (Sub-Objective 8.7) to eradicate child labour in the world.
Nilens Jord also provides charitable donations every year to help the living conditions of vulnerable children and young people.

No Animal Testing

Animal testing on cosmetic ingredients or products is not permitted in the EU and this is in line with the values of Nilens Jord.

We Support Women with Cancer

The voluntary association LGFB – Look Good Feel Better – is made by the cosmetics industry to support women with cancer. At the courses from LGFB, participants will learn how to provide the skin with moisture and nourishment using different makeup techniques to cover, recreate or simulate what is missing in the form of lost brows and lashes. Nilens Jord supports the association financially and provide products to the over 1300 toiletry bags with makeup that are distributed to women with cancer every year.

We Actively Work for Gender Equality

A big part of the company's employees as well as customers are women, and we are actively working to secure another goal by the UN, namely gender equality. Gender equality is a fundamental value of Nilens Jord, where we have always recruited on the point of competence rather than gender, which of course is also applied at all levels of management (UN World Objective 5).

Our Philosophy

We create beauty rituals for everyone with all skin types. From morning to night and from makeup to skincare. We only use ingredients that have a clear purpose - without suspected endocrine disruptors and fragrances. We develop products that live up to our own high standards, so you and your skin can feel free.

Nilens Jord - Pure Nordic Rituals

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